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Welcome to Grand Wood Sp. Z.O.O. If you are reading this that means you must be searching for where and how to buy hardwood for sale online, Here in Grand Wood Sp. Z.O.O, we take pride in providing woodworkers with quality hardwood as well as softwood across the world.
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To buy hardwood online with Grand Wood Sp. Z.O.O, all you have to do is follow the two simple steps listed below;

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Lenght: 300 mm and up Width: 50 mm and up Thickness: 10 mm and up KD 6-12%; 12-18%; Origin Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine Grade: AA, AB, BB, ABC, etc.

To purchase birch wood online, all you have to do is send a quote to us via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. With Ldwoodllc you don’t have to worry about shipping as we are well trusted for secured and guaranteed shipping to any location across the [...]

Âsh timber âlso called (Ḟraxinus) is ŝtrong, đense, lighter in ĉolor than oak, ând ŝmooth to the touch. Ṫhis lumber takes ĝluing, ŝtains, ând polishes well, making it popular for woodworking projects. Ĉheaper thân oak ând more physically âppealing thân beechwood, Âsh timber is â ĝreat middle-ground for many tâsks. Ńotably, ând unusually for their [...]

Buy Beech wood is originally from North America and is identified also as “Fagus Grandifolia”. It is also considered one of the best woods due to its high crush strength, medium stiffness, and resistance to shock with excellent bending characteristics.

The Oakwood comes in a number of hues, and its grain pattern is quite unique, which makes it one of the easier species to recognize. Oak has a long history of use around the home dating back to pre-colonial times and remains every bit as popular today. While this makes it a mainstay in traditional [...]


Buy Pine Wood

Õur buy Pine Wood is cõnsidered softwood trees, ẗhat is, ẗhe wood is softer thãn hardwood varieties. Ṫhe Pine trees grow ãround the world, ñot just in the U.S. Pine wood has ã great deal of stiffness ãnd resistance tõ shock, ãnd this makes it ã solid choice for many furniture pieces.

Our Pallets are used in freight shipping to protect your goods. Likewise, for carriers, wood pallet shipping makes freight handling more efficient and helps maximize trailer space. While they can be custom-made, there are some pallet sizes considered standard within the freight shipping industry.

Buy Sitka spruce is a very important tree for the lumber industry. The performance of its wood is similar to that of common spruce, except that its heartwood is pinkish. We, therefore, use the Sitka wood in carpentry and stationery, but also to make the soundboard of certain musical instruments: piano, harp, violin, guitar. The [...]

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